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E-layby T & C's

  • “We” – The Kid Zone/The Baby Zone
  • “You” – The Customer


  1. What is an e-layby agreement?

       An agreement is considered to be an e-layby if:

  • Your order is R1500 or more
  • Goods are paid within three 3 months, and
  • Goods will only be shipped when the full price has been paid.
  1. Cancellation of an e-layby agreement
  • You may cancel your e-layby any time before delivery of goods. If you cancel the e-lay-by, we will refund you all amounts paid less termination fee specified below.
  •  We may cancel the e-layby if you have failed to complete payment within 60 business days of the anticipated payment date. In this case, we will also refund you all amounts paid less the termination fee specified below.

    Termination fees

    • You will be charged with an e-layby termination fee of 1% (of full value of order).
    • Apart from the termination charge, you will not be charged for any other fee.

    *All the above is compliant with and subject to further terms and conditions of the Consumer Protection Act.

     How to purchase via e-layby

    •  Select your goods and add to basket (Value of order R1500 or more)
    • Select delivery option (e-layby)
    • Select payment option (e-layby)
    • Goods will be delivered when all funds have been received.