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FOPPAPEDRETTI - 3Chic Travel System With Black Frame

The 3chic travel system is the new trio with a faux leather handle and black chassis. The following can be quickly and easily assembled on the lightweight and dynamic aluminum chassis. The pram version carrycot and the reversible (forward or rear facing) seat of the stroller. 3Chic features classic, refined lines and large wheels and is easily closed, taking up little space.

The dimensions of the open frame:110 x 86.5 x 62cm
Dimensions closed frame: 38 x 70 x 62cm
Weight frame: 8.2cm
Dimensions open frame with sport seat: 117 x 88 x 62cm
Dimensions closed frame with sport seat: 53 x 85 x 62cm
Weight frame with sport seat: 12.6cm
Dimensions auto seat: 55 x 65 x 44cm
Dimensions of the basket for the newborn: 60 x 82 x 44.5cm
Bucket weight for the newborn: 4kg